Firm Overview

SK Legal Counsel is a law firm providing services to individuals and companies across the U.S. and globally to clients across the world.  We provide our clients with practical approaches to obtaining their immigration solutions.  We
We understand the importance of your goals, and treat each case with personal attention and dedication to achieving your goals.
Whether you are local or international, we communicate with each client regularly, to make the process easier for you and deliver your solutions efficiently.

Our Attorneys

The Founding Attorney of SK Legal Counsel is Mr. Sunit Kumar.  Mr. Kumar founded SK Legal Counsel having assembled a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals. The attorneys assembled create a team where each area of law we cover has individualized expertise with a high rate of success in servicing our clients.


Sunit Kumar

B.A. Business Administration: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

Juris Doctorate: The John Marshall Law School, Chicago (Dean’s List)

Masters of Law in Taxation: The John Marshall Law School, Chicago

International Law Education: Temple Law School, Tokyo, Japan; St. John’s University School of Law, Rome, Italy

Bar Admission: State Bar of California

Having worked in Europe, Asia and the United States, Mr. Kumar has assisted arts and entertainment professionals across the world obtain U.S. work visas and green cards, while providing personal attention to each client’s unique situation.

Sean Brewer

B.A. Anthropology & Psychology: University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Juris Doctorate: St. John’s University School of Law, New York City, New York

International Law Education: St. John’s University School of Law, Rome, Italy

Bar Admission: State Bar of New York

Mr. Brewer’s legal career has seen him work in both public interest law as well as at a highly respected law firm. Throughout that time he has represented his clients in immigration and commercial matters, and has been lauded for his ability to take much of the pain out of the legal process.