Firm Overview

SK Legal Counsel is a law firm providing services to individuals and companies across the globe.
We provide our clients with practical approaches to obtaining their immigration solutions.
Whether you are local or international, we communicate with each client regularly, to make the process easier for you and deliver your solutions efficiently.


Sunit Kumar

B.A. Business Administration: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

Juris Doctorate: The John Marshall Law School, Chicago (Dean’s List)

Masters of Law: The John Marshall Law School, Chicago 

International Law Education: Temple Law School, Tokyo, Japan; St. John’s University, Rome, Italy

Bar Admission: State Bar of California (U.S. Immigration across all U.S. states).

Having worked in Europe, Asia and the United States, Mr. Kumar has assisted arts and entertainment professionals across the world obtain U.S. work visas and green cards, while providing personal attention to each client’s unique situation.

What is the biggest challenge most arts/entertainment industry professionals face in obtaining a visa?

The most challenging category for most artists is establishing their past experience and providing enough proof of their ability.  This requires more than a resume/c.v., where we really have to showcase what you have done for each project and show that you are known for it.  To do so, we provide several tools including a unique template for each client, so they can obtain the properly structured recommendation letters from their past employers and people in their field.  

How do you bridge the gap between your clients and their employers?

We generally speak to each employer before the process is started, so that they know what is required of them, and have all their questions/concerned answered.  Once the process begins, we work efficiently to make the process for the employer simple and work with the artist to focus on their part of the file (showcasing their past experience).

Any advice for people in entertainment/arts industry considering obtaining a U.S. work visa?

An important part for each individual is to understand that this is a process.  Pick a firm you feel comfortable with. Building a strong immigration case involves regular interaction towards a goal, and to be on the same page with your lawyer regarding your chances and what is required will lead to a much less stressful time.